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What is Sweat 60?

Looking for a beginner’s fitness program Or something to help give you a restart back into fitness? This is the perfect program.
• Lighter weight strength training. (no barbell)
• Cardio focused
• Emphasis on weight loss
• Nutrition guidance


Nutrition is the most important part of any fitness regiment. ESPECIALLY one that focuses on weight loss. After all going to the gym is only 4% of your day. Not only do we make sure that the 1 hour you spend working out is focused on your goals we give you a nutrition outline for the rest of your day!

Your first class will be spent teaching you how to eat. Yes, teaching. It is our goal that whether you decide to continue your fitness journey with 915 after your 60 days or not you know enough to keep your diet clean and healthier.
NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CRASH DIET – Our approach to nutrition is a lifestyle. Something that can be kept month after month, year after year. A lifestyle of eating that will improve your health beyond the weight loss.
NOTE #2: THIS IS NOT A MEAL PLAN. We will not hand you a 60 day meal plan that you “must” follow. Our experience with this type of dieting is that afterward our clients lose their way because they are not being told what to eat anymore. We want to give you a blueprint plan. A plan that help you make your own decisions learning nutrition.


Total cost is $249 for the entire 60 days. That’s less than $4 per day. Contact us now to reserve your spot.


Do I have to sign up for a certain time frame?

I have never worked out before or it's been a long time. Can I still do this?

I'm a seasoned worker-outer. Im concerned that I may not be challenged enough.

Maybe I'm too old for these workouts.

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915 Stories

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