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CrossFit 915 Sport

This is the Crossfit 915 Competition Team.

The term “Sport of Fitness” was coined by the founder of CrossFit, Coach Greg Glassman, after discovering the competitiveness and intensity found in his athletes when performing the workout of the day. To hone in this competitiveness, Glassman created benchmark WODs and events by which athletes could compare themselves against one another. Among these events would be the CrossFit Games.

Since its inception in 2007, the CrossFit Games have become “one of the fastest growing sports in America,” according to Forbes. While these events can be watched on a national level on ESPN, the competitive aspect of CrossFit can also be experienced in more localized competitions, regional qualifying events, and everyday training.

In CrossFit 915 Sport our workouts resemble competitive events, and in our proving ground no one wants to finish last.  For this reason a person will push themselves to the limit each and every workout. It is this level of intensity that produces amazing athletic results in a short period of time. CrossFit 915 was the proud host of the 2012 Southwest Fitness Throwdown III, where our athletes competed and excelled across a variety of divisions. We also travel to compete in CrossFit competitions throughout Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and further.

Who is this Program for?

Anyone who wants to elevate their training and is serious about competing. All members of CrossFit 915 are eligible to become members of the 915 Sport team. In order to qualify for this group, simply join CrossFit 915 and inquire about our level testing system. Athletes who reach Level 3 and 4 are invited to train during our competitor classes.

Generally, those interested should be able to RX almost, if not all, WODs in terms of weight and be able to do most all of the advanced skills to some degree. Pistols, Handstand Push Ups, Muscle ups will be the only movements allowed to be scaled and only to a small degree. CrossFit 915 Sport is for anyone who is serious about wanting to compete and compete well in local competitions, the Opens, Regionals, and eventually the Games.

Competitors programming includes:

  • High-skill movement
  • Barbell cycling
  • Mental prep
  • Game-day, in-season, and off-season nutrition
  •  Judging
  • Team dynamics
  • Workouts will be designed to test your abilities to apply high-skill movements in a timed scenario; you will also work to expose any major deficiencies and fix them