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East Crossfit WODs

May 17 2017

Thursday 5/18/17

Back Squat
Min 00:00 – 03:00 3@80%
Min 03:00 – 06:00 2@80%
Min 06:00 – 07:00 max reps at 80%”

3 Rounds
1min Max Cleans (95/65, 135/95. 165/115)
rest :30
1min Max Cal Row
rest :30
1min Max GHD Situps
rest :30

Then teams of 3

4:00 min Max Cal on Bike switch every 20sec”

Supplemental Strength:
1) DB Chest Flys- 4×12
2) DB Bent Over Reverse Flys- 4×12″

May 16 2017

Wednesday 5/17/17

Memorial Murph is coming May 29th and we have been preparing here is another version of Murph that will help increase your aerobic capacity and muscle endurance


Run 400m

2 Rounds
10 Burpees
20 Pushups
30 Squats

Run 300m

3 Rounds
5 Burpees
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Run 200m

4 Rounds
3 Burpees
6 Pushups
9 Squats

Run 100m

Supplemental Strength:
1) Seated DB Shoulder Press- 5×6 (Heaviest)
2) Seated Row- 5×8 (Heaviest)
then, superset x 4:
Tricep Pushdowns x 10
Preacher Curls x 10″

May 15 2017

Tuesday 5/16/17

3 x 4 @ 80 – 85%
rest plenty of time between sets

Partner Day and we are going to do a workout inspired by the CF South Regionals this weekend. The team leaves Thursday and competition is Friday thru Sunday. The team events in are in the mornings and you can watch live here:

This is Event 5 for the Team this weekend (Sunday’s 1st workout)
For time, as MMM then FFF trios:
125 chest-to-bar pull-ups w/ teammate in hang (1 resting)
100 toes-to-bars w/ teammate in hang (1 resting)
100 1 arm dumbbell overhead squats (80/55) (shared)
(time cap: 20min)

You may definitely try as prescribed but here is an alternate Team version
Teams of 3
100 Pullups w/ teammate in hang (1 resting)
75 T2B w/ teammate in hang (1 resting)
75 1 arm DB OHS (70/50, 55/35, 35/25)

scale for pullups:Ring Rows while partner hands from bar
scale for 1 arm OHS: 1 arm DB Front Rack Squats

Teams of 2
70 Pullups w/ teammate in hang (1 resting)
55 T2B w/ teammate in hang (1 resting)
55 1 arm DB OHS (70/50, 55/35, 35/25)

Supplemental Strength:
1) Weighted Sit-ups (behind neck)- 3×20
2) Oblique Side Crunches (teapots)- 3×15 (each side)
3) Hip Extensions w/ 4 second pause on top- 3×6″

May 14 2017

Monday 5/15/17

We’ve definitely had some great effort these last few weeks and excited to witness so much improvement! Hope you are enjoying the programming and getting strong. This week we keep up the intensity and continue to
FYI whats upcoming:
Tomorrow: Partner Day! In honor if this weekends Regionals/ #go915
Wed: Murph Prep
Thu: Weighted Interval Work
Fri: A tough Unilateral WOD


Bench Press
3×8-10 @ 70 – 75%
Then Drop set of 8,10,12
take 10-30 pounds off the bar from your last set then do 8, take weight off do 10, take weight off and do 12. Work with a partner and Rest just as much as it takes to take the weight off”

2 Rounds
21 – 15
Wall Balls
KB Swings (70/55 55/35 35/25)

Rest 1 min in between ea round

2 Rounds
15 – 9
Deadlift (175/115, 225/155, 255/170)

Rest 1min in between ea round

2 Rounds
21 – 15
Box Jumps

21 Box Jumps
21 KB Swings
15 Box Jumps
15 KB Swings
rest 1min
Then repeat
rest 1min
15 DL
9 DL
rest 1min
Then Repeat

Supplemental Strength:
Bulgarian Split Squats – 4×12 (each leg)
then, superset x 4:
Leg Press x 8 (heaviest)
Hamstring Curls x 12

May 11 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

We are days away from Regionals!! This Friday on Eastside we will be having a olympic lifting informal clinic with myself and of our regional competitors. It will be From 6-8pm. It will start with some warmup and technique work then start working we will help coach you individually giving pointers and feedback. This definitely turn out to be a PR lift sesh! It will feature both snatch and clean and jerks. We are calling it our SendOff LiftOff.

Afterwards we will be having a BBQ and drawing the winners of our raffle! All people are welcome including guests. Hope you can make it. It will be a potluck or bring something for the grill.


Tabata x 16 (:20 sec work/:20 sec rest):
4 Rounds Hollow Rock
4 Rounds Heel Tap Crunches
4 Rounds Mountain Climbers
4 Rounds Sit-ups



200m Run
*you have 10 minutes to complets as many 200m runs as possible



10-15 Minutes of Group Mobility



1) KB Stiff-Legged Deadlifts- 4×15
2) Sumo Squats on Smith’s machine- 4×15
3) Banded Lateral Walks- 4x20m

Support Our Regional Team

We are excited to announce our qualification to the CrossFit Games South Regional!  There are 1500 affiliates in our region and we placed 12th.  We will meet in person with the top 40 teams in the Super Regional at the Alamodome in San Antonio May 19-22.  We invite you to come watch and support.  We are also raising money to help pay our athletes travel expenses.  Our goal is $5000.  We can’t wait to represent 915 and El Paso in one of the most competitive regions in CrossFit. See Info below.  Drawing is Friday May 12th at our Send Off Lift Off event at the gym.

If you’d like your business to help sponsor please talk with Coach Marc or email him at

Click Here to Donate or Buy Raffle Tickets


Click Here to Donate or Buy Raffle Tickets