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East Crossfit WODs

May 24 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Westside 915<\b>
Just a friendly reminder about our Family Night/Birthday Party for Dressen and Murph event this Thursday, May 25th!! Here are the particulars: – No regular Crossfit or Femmefit classes after 5. – We will begin the party and festivities at 6
– There will be fun and activities for the whole family, so please bring everyone!!
– Dressen and his family have asked that people attending bring a donation for Toys for Tots, the Marine Corps Reserve program that helps provide toys during the holidays for children who would otherwise go without. To be an acceptable donation, the toy must be new and unwrapped. We will collect the toys and donate them on behalf of the gym and Dressen
– We will also be running Murph to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. As always, you can do it solo, or in teams up to 3. As part of our Memorial Day remembrance, please feel free to add a name of a servicemember killed in action to our Memorial Wall that will be up throughout the weekend beginning Thursday morning. And finally…..we will have food and drinks for after Murph and throughout the evening provided by the amazing food truck The Orange Cow….so come join us and bring a friend!!!

Our Memorial Murph event will be held Monday. Classes will be at 9&10 only. We will close the rest of day. Feel free to bring a friend and join in for a tough bit fun workout!


Burgener Snatch Warmup



15 Minutes to Find Heaviest-
Hang Snatch + Touch and Go Snatch + Overhead Squat



6 Rounds For Time:
6 KBS (80/55, 70/50, 55/35)
8 Box Jumps (24/20) (L3: 30/24)
10 Goblet Alternating Stationary Lunges
12 Situps



  1. Single-arm DB Rows- 4×12 (each arm)
  2. Upright Row- 4×12
  3. Incline Bench DB Curls- 4×12
May 23 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Tire Flips



16 Bar Facing Burpees
8 Power Cleans (185/125, 155/105, 125/85)
8 S2OH

rest 2 Minutes, then:

2 Rounds:
25 Pull-ups
8 Tire Flips



Weighted Hip Extensions- 5×10 @ Heaviest

Sled Pushes- 6x length of turf @ Heaviest (goal is 75%-100% of BW on top of sled)

Standing Teapots- 4×12 @ Heaviest (each side)

May 22 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Superset x 4:
Weighted Pull-ups x 7 @ Heaviest
Weighted Dips x 7 @ Heaviest
*rest 2 Minutes between sets*



400m Run
Max Front Squats (SC: .6 BW,RX: .75 BW)

*you will run 400m, then do a max set of Front Squats. Once the bar is racked or dropped, you must run again. Score will be total Front Squats performed



Seated Row- 5×7 @ Heaviest

DB Bench Press- 5×7 @ Heaviest

Preacher Curls- 4×12 @ Heaviest


May 21 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017


Burgener Warmup (Snatch)



Front Squat- 7×1 to Find Heavy Single
*start 7 sets @ or above 65%



For Time (22 Min CAP)
1000m Row
15 Hang Squat Snatches
15 Toes to Bar
800m Row
12 HSqSn
12 T2B
600m Row
9 HSqSn
9 T2B
400m Row
6 HSqSn
6 T2B
200m Row
3 HSqSn
3 T2B




Romanian Deadlifts- 5×7@50%

Banded Lateral Walks- 3x25m each direction

Barbell Strict Press- 5×10 @ 50%

May 18 2017

Friday 5/19/17

Today is first day at Regionals! The 915 team will be competing from 9:00 – 12:30 today in San Antonio. Check FB for more accurate WOD times. You can catch the coverage live or recorded at

Hang Position at knee
– Shins Vertical
– Arms locked
– Shoulder Over bar
– Weight in heals

In 15min Find Heavy Complex
Hg Pull + Hg Snatch + Snatch w/ 3sec pause at Knee
(first 2 keep bar in hands. You can reset for the Pause Sn)”

AMRAP 12 min
50 1 arm DB Push Press 25ea (70/50, 55/35, 45/25)
400m Wallball Run (20/14)

Supplemental Strength:
1) Lat Pulldowns- 5×8 (heaviest)
2) Bended Lateral Walks- 4x :30 seconds of work on each leg (rest :30 seconds between sets)
3) Donkey Kicks- 3×20 (each leg)”