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East Crossfit WODs

May 17 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018

Today we have another one of our

Regional 18.4
For time:
2 rounds of:
10 snatches, 175 / 125 lb.
12 burpees
Then, 2 rounds of:
10 snatches, 115 / 75 lb.
12 burpees

Time cap: 9 minutes

May 16 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

915 Tip. Sometimes the tires can get your shirt a little dirty so I wouldn’t bring your brand new gear to this class. But don’t let this stop you! Let’s get a little strong and a little messy!

4 Rounds:
100m 1 arm Farmers Walk (on bar: 90lb/50, 70/40, 50/30)
Tire Flips x 8 (choose your tire Sub w/ Heavy Deadlifts)
Tire Box Jumps x 20

May 15 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Warmup to the weight you will use below. Make it heavy as possible!

4 Rounds:
Bent Over Row x 10
Neutral Grip Pullups x 5-10
Strict T2B x 5-10

Scale pullups: Lat Pulldowns
Scale Strict T2B: Leg Raises as high as possible

Regional Workout #5

For time:

50 handstand push-ups (Sc: Deficit or Hand Release Pushups)
50 toes-to-bars (sc: heels above hips)
50-cal. Assault Bike (sub with row)
50 dumbbell box step-overs (24″/20″)
50-ft. right-arm dumbbell overhead lunge
50-ft. left-arm dumbbell overhead lunge M 70-lb. dumbbells, 24-in. box,
17-min. time cap

50-lb. dumbbells, 20-in. box, 22-min. time cap See pictures for the DB OH Lunge

Dumbbell Overhead Lunge


May 14 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Strength: Front Squat 6×3 @ 22X2 start at 70% and work up challenge: no belt. Although you may not be able to do as much weight, learn how to use core to stay engaged, rather than rely on belt to do most of work.

METCON: New Movement Alert!

15min AMRAP

20 KB Swings (44/35, 55/44, 70/50)

20 Hay Bale Burpee 24″ (pick a weight)

20/15 cal Bike / Row (switch every round)

May 13 2018

Monday 5/13/18

This week Fri,Sat, & Sun our own 915 coach and athlete, Maggie, will be competing against the best female Crossfitters in 8 states at the Salt Lake City Convention Center. All 6 workouts have been released and this week we will be attempting some of those workouts in solidarity! Today’s workout is “Linda” / “the 3 bars of death”. This is the first time bench press has been included in any major CrossFit competition. Although we tend to incorporate bench press pretty regularly in our programming at 915, many crossfitters do not. So this announcement was a pretty big shock to most people. Although that being said, Im sure many of these regional athletes have been implementing bench press inside their training. But probably very few during a WOD and outside of a strength only session. Can’t wait to see how these athletes handle these heavy bench presses inside a workout. By the way, Maggie should do just fine here. 😉 We will post the link on how to watch both Maggie and Rachel compete live later this week when they post the heats.

Partner Linda:
Pick a partner and choose a weight within 20lbs of eachother on ea movement.

Deadlift (L1:155/115 L2:225/155 L3/regional:295 / 220)
Bench press (L1:115/75 L2:155/105 L3/regional:195 / 135)
Squat clean (L1:95/65 L2:115/75 L3/Regional: 145 / 105)

Time cap: 17 minutes

If you need to change weight do it outside collars with metal plates (up to 10lbs ea side) that you can switch out quickly

Here is the individual regional workout. There is so much setup and equipment used here, we thought it would best be done in partners.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:
Deadlift, 295 / 220 lb.
Bench press, 195 / 135 lb.
Squat clean, 145 / 105 lb.

Time cap: 17 minutes