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East Crossfit WODs

Apr 12 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I’ve had a ton of fun coaching you all this week! There’s been a pretty good vibe and buzz around the gym lately and it’s awesome to be able to be a part of.

Today’s metcon should be handled as a sprint interval workout. This simply means that when it’s your turn to work, you need to try and move quickly because you will have a decent amount of rest in-between your individual working rounds. Have fun!

-Jon Jon


Superset x 5:
10 Bench Presses @ 60%
10 Difficult Ring Rows (weighted, if necessary)

*rest about 2 minutes between sets



Teams of 2 (alternating every round, relay style):

6 Rounds:
200m Run
25 Wallballs

4 Rounds:
200m Run
25 GHD Situps (if there aren’t enough machines, 35 sit-ups)



Supplemental Work:

1) Hollow Rocks- 3×15
2) Knees-up Crunches- 3×30
3) Crunched Heel Taps- 3×30

Apr 11 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017



Clean Complex



15 Minutes to Find Heaviest :
Hang Power Clean + Power Clean + Clean



For Time:
Burpee Pull-ups (L3: C2B)
(RX: 225/155)(SC:165/105)

*For RX and L3, pull-up bar should be above standing reach


Supplemental Work:

1) KB Sumo Squats- 3×10
2) Plank Hold- 3×1-minute
3) Heavy KB Shrugs- 3×10
4) Dead Hangs- 3×1-minute




Apr 10 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We started off this week with a BANG! Today is no different. There is no strength work, which means that you should expect a metcon that is a little on the longer side. Have Fun!

-Jon Jon



A) 2 Rounds:
500m Run
15 Clean and Jerks
(RX: 135/95)(Sc: 115/75)

B) 2 Rounds:
500m Row
50 Air Squats

C) 2 Rounds:
1000m BIke
25 KB Swings
(RX: 55/35)(SC: 44/25)


Supplemental Work:

1) Bent Over Rows- 3×10
2) Lat Pull-downs- 3×10
3) DB Bench Press- 3×10
4) Seated DB Shoulder Press- 3×10

Apr 08 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

As mentioned previously, we will be beginning a new programming “style” for the next few weeks. Marc and I will be focusing a lot on pulling strength and also be working towards optimizing your Murph time this year. Murph is May 29, which leaves us roughly 7 weeks to train for it. Expect at least 1 Metcon per week that is a bit on the longer side (30-40 minutes) and some good strength work and high intensity Metcons on the other days. Also, we will be throwing in some extra/optional supplemental programming that will compliment the day’s work. This supplemental work is to be done on your own and not within the hour of class. LETS DO THIS!

-Jon Jon



Back Squats
E2MOM x 4
7 Squats @ 65% of 1RM



5 Rounds:
10 HR Pushups (L3: HSPU)
10 Pwr Snatch (75/55)(L3:95/65)
10 Toes to Bar



1) Banded Lateral Walks- 3x20m each side
2) Single-Leg KB Deadlifts- 3×10 each side
3) Hip Extensions- 3×10 @ Heaviest



Apr 06 2017

Friday 4/7/17

Skill: Stone to Shoulder

Strength: Find Max Stone To shoulder in 1min with heaviest stone

3 Rounds
200m Run
12 Deadlifts (95/65, 135/95, 155/115)
9 Hg Cleans
6 Sholder to OH

Rest 5min

2 Rounds
200m Run
6 Deadlifts (115/75, 165/115, 185/135)
4 Hg Cleans
2 Shoulder to OH