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East Crossfit WODs

Jun 14 2017

Thursday 6/17/17

Tough week. If you’ve been at the gym Mon-Wed you are probably feeling it. Today is more of a “sweater/breather” to break things up. Not a lot of weight here. We actually had some running scheduled for you but it’s nasty hot out and we’d thought we’d be nice 🙂

*Hint* Tomorrow (Friday) we will be doing more of a strength bias workout but it’s still gonna get plenty sweaty. We are calling it the CrossFit Power Challenge. I saw a video of Mark Bell and some big time CrossFitters getting this WOD on. Fun stuff. Let’s get it!

– Coach

Core work
Max Plank attempt
(If max plankis over 4min do weighted plank)

12 Rounds Tabata 20s/10s
4 Rds 5sec Eccentric Candle Sticks
4 Rds Bicycles Situps
4 Rds Mountain Climbers

2 Rounds
1min Row for cals
1min Max Lunges (no weight)
1min Max Hang Snatches (75/55 95/65 115/75)
1min Max Bike Cals
1min Max Slam Balls
1min Max Wallballs
1min Rest
(30s Rest between ea movement)

*NOTE: Actual rest btw rounds is 2min. Since your adding the :30s before and after”

Lateral Wallball Throws- 3×10 (each side)
KB Halos- 3×10 (each direction)
One-Arm DB Row- 4×8 (each arm)

Dont forget:

Jun 13 2017

Wednesday 6/14/17

Bench Press 4×4 @ 75-80%

3 Rounds:
400m Run
21 Deadlifts (L1:155/105 L2:185/125 L3/Comp:225/155)
21 Burpees

Supplemental Work:
Bulgarian Split Squats- 3×12 each leg
Turkish Get-ups- 3×5 Each side (heaviest)
Lat Pulldowns- 3×8 (heaviest)

Jun 12 2017

Tuesday 6/12/17

no belt Pause Front Squat (2sec)
Find Heavy single

3 rounds
push-ups (L1:20 L2:25 L3:30)
20 Front Squats (L1:95/65 L2:115/75 L3:135/95 Comp 155/105)
20 Push Press (same as FS)
Box jumps (L1:20 L2:25 L3:30)

Time Cap: 25min

Supplemental Strength Work:
Leg Press – 4×8
Banded Lateral Walks – 3×15 steps ea
DB Z Press – 3×10

Jun 11 2017

Monday 6/12/17

Clean pick (no bounce) Deadlift 4×4 @ 75-80%


18min Running Clock:

6 Rounds
4 Squat Cleans (L1:125/85 L2:155/105 L3:185/125 Comp: 205/145)
Double Unders (L1/L2:25 L3: 40)
12 Toes to Bar

if time left do:
Max Strict Pullups in sets of 2 or Max Ring Rows in sets of 3 in remaining time

Supplemental Work
“Dips- 4×8 (Heaviest)
DB Shoulder Press- 3×10
GHD Swimmers- Accumulate 50 seconds fowards and 50 seconds backwards

Jun 08 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017


20 Minutes to Find 1RM Bench Press


Metcon: CAP20

Teams of 2:

80 Calorie Row (switch every 20 pulls)

80 Push Presses (95/65) (75/55)

60 Calorie Row (switch every 20 pulls)

60 Box Jumps (20″)

40 Calorie Row (switch every 20 pulls)

40 Snatches (95/65) (75/55)