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East Crossfit WODs

Jun 21 2017

Thursday, June 27, 2017


15 Minutes of Gymnastics
-Muscle Ups
-Handstands (static and walking)
-Handstand Pushups



35 Deadlifts (115/75)(95/65)(75/55)
10m HS Walk (10m seal walk or 3 WWalks)
35 Situps

30 Back Squats
10m HS Walk
30 Situps

25 Hang Cleans
10m HS Walk
25 Situps

20 Snatches
10m HS Walk
20 Situps

*same weight on all Barbell movements



Supinated/Narrow Grip Seated Row- 4×8 @ Heaviest

Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown- 4×12 @ Heaviest

Bird Dog Planks- 8×20 sec. (4 each side)

Jun 20 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Bench Press (RX: BW)(SC: 3/4BW or 70%)
Cleans (RX: BW) (SC: 3/4BW or 70%)
25m Sled Push (RX: 90/60)(SC: 60/45)

10 BP
10 Cleans
25m Sled Push
9 BP
9 Cleans
25m Sled Push

Down to…
1 BP
1 Clean
25m Sled Push

Jun 19 2017

Tuesday, June 18, 2017


Superset x 4:
5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups
10 Strict Presses @ 55%-60% 



Partner WOD
100 Double Unders
400m Row
Max Shoulder to OH (185/125 155/105 115/75)
*each person will do a set of max S2OH.
*score is total S2OH

Jun 18 2017

Monday, June 18, 2017


Deadlifts- 4×3 @ 80%-85% (no TNG)



8 Power Snatches (115/75) (95/65)(75/55)
16 Wallball Shots

rest 2 Minutes

8 Burpees
16 Box Jumps (24″/20″)


Supplemental Strength:

Leg Press- 5×8 @ Heavy

Hip Thrusts (upper back on bench)- 5×8 @ Heavy

Banded Lateral Walks- 5×15 steps (ea direction)

Jun 15 2017

Friday 6/16/17

Dads love lifting things up and putting them down. (including some beer) So in honor of Dads everywhere we are doing a CrossFit Power Challenge WOD today. Grab your shoes, belt, and chalk and get ready to get some major work in. Don’t worry, we will have the post workout drink waiting!

Dad’s and Drafts event will be from 4-7pm today All dad’s are welcome to enjoy a frothy one (or 2) after the WOD today. All visitor are welcome to WOD with us as well.

Skill work:
Double Unders

if you have double unders go for max unbrkn”

Crossfit Power Challenge:
3 Rounds:
1min max reps Back Squat (L1:155/105 L2:185/125 L3:205/175 Comp 225/155)
rest 1min
1min max reps Bench Press (L1:95/65 L2:135/95 L3:155/105 Comp:185/115)
rest 1min
1min max reps Deadlifts (L1:155/105 L2:185/125 L3:205/175 Comp 225/155)
rest 1min

Supplemental Work
Sled Push- 4x25m
Strict Pull-ups- 4×10
Weighted Plank Holds- 4×40 seconds