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Feb 04 2015

The CrossFit 915 Intramural Open

It’s that time of the year again 915’ers where we put our fitness to the test with the CrossFit Open. However this year we are doing things a little differently. We are going to be having an internal competition, an Intramural Open! I am sure you are wondering what does an Intramural Open mean? Internally we are going to be doing the Open workouts (similar to last year) however this year the twist is each person who is committed to the Intramural Open will be on a team. Each team will have a captain and there will be points awarded each week.

Note* For this in-house competition, the main emphasis of points will be on participation- not performance! So if you’re worried about “not being ready” – don’t be! All that’s required is that you show up, do work, and cheer on your teammates! As you’ll see in the rules below, only the top 3 males and females in each division (RX and Scaled) will score additional points for their team!

Our goal is to make this a fun experience for everyone, bring our community together while testing our hard work that we put in each week!

The Breakdown

Sign Up

Sign up for the Intramural Open is $5 at the front desk. Just choose if you’ll be competing Scaled or Rx. This means when the Open workouts are released you will be following the Scaled or Rx. If you want to see how you stack up to others around the world, register for the Open here: Officially regerstering for the Open is recommended because your score will always be available to look back on. Plus you get 5 points extra for doing so. Cost of registering for the Open is $20 which you pay online on the CrossFit website.

Draft Day

The week before the Open begins (First workout announced Feb 26th) our 4 amazing captains (chosen by your coaches) will take turns selecting team members committed to the Intramural Open

Come and make sure you are on your desired team!!!

Draft Day Info to follow

Level 3 Athletes and Coaches will be randomly selected out of a hat to keep teams fair

Workout Days

Friday Night Lights 6:30-8:30pm

Come in dressed in your team colors and show your team pride (this is very important when it comes to your team score)

Complete the workout to the standards set at the beginning of the night

Sign your score card

Social to follow each testing night

Can’t attend the testing day?

Open Gyms Saturday and Sunday are make-ups

Come dressed in your team colors (goes towards standings)

Bring your Open Sheet and have the coach sign it that you completed the workout.


Interns and Coaches will be our judges

Head Judge will go over standards for the movements prior to starting the event


1) Attendance– Points are awarded for each team player who completes the workout each week.

2 points for completing the workout on Friday night.

1 point for completing it on Saturday or Sunday

If workout is done twice, you will only receive credit for one. If you do it both Friday and the weekend 2 points will still be awarded for the Friday attendance.

2) Performance1 points  Awarded to the males AND females in the top 3 in Rx AND top 3 in Scaled

3) Spirit5 points Awarded to the team that has the most pride, noise and of course PRESENCE each week

4)Bonus5 points Awarded to each athlete who officially registers for the Open on


Prizes for below will not be

1) Winning Team

2) Spirit Award

This is for the team/player with overall team spirit throughout the competition.

WHO IS READY TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!! Let’s get maximum participation and have a great time!!!

Dec 08 2014

Tuesday December 9, 2014

Happy Tuesday errrrbody!
We are getting back onto the SQUAT TRAIN earlier in the week with some higher volume front squats. Rest in between your sets enough to perform as well on the last set as your first.

The metcon has some aerobic and anaerobic elements in it. The clean and jerks should be a little on the heavier side!

-Jon Jon

Front Squat- 2×5@70%, 3×5@80%

Toes to Bar (if time permits)

3 Rounds For Time
-20 Toes to Bar
-10 Clean and Jerks (L1: 115/75 L2: 145/95 L3: 185/125)
-20 Box Jumps (24/20)

915 Gym Supplemental Work

Have extra time? Wanna work on some extra Strength. Try this. It will only take 15min

DB Split Squats 3×8 ea @ Heaviest (gofo 5lbs more than last week)
Lat Pulldown 4×10 @ Heaviest

– Coach Marc

Nov 14 2014

8 Tips for Staying Healthy on Thanksgiving

By: Coach Samantha Bencomo

As the holidays approach, it’s common to see people start to “fall off the wagon”. You’re busy and it’s too cold outside to make it to the gym. Hopefully, you’re not using these excuses and are still keeping your normal routine. I understand there are times when you absolutely can’t do that, but even then there are little things you can do to keep yourself on track and avoid being sucked in to your old holiday habits. More specifically, here are some tips that can help you get through your Thanksgiving dinner without feeling guilty.

1.) Don’t wait to eat!
I know your mentality, don’t eat all day because you want to “save room” for the amazing spread at dinner. A lot of the time, when you’re hungry though, you’re more likely to eat everything and anything in sight. So, my tip is do NOT skip breakfast. Also, try and have a small meal a few hours before dinner if possible. This way, you’re more likely to eat to satisfy your hunger instead of indulging and eating everything in sight.

2.) Drink LOTS of water.
This isn’t just for Thanksgiving. However, since we are on the topic, make sure that you really pay attention to water consumption this day more than usual. A lot of times our body confuses thirst for hunger. Make sure you’ve had plenty of water before serving yourself.

3.) Take a side dish
There are lots of ways to sneak a healthy side dish in without seeming rude or like you don’t want to eat the host’s food. Be polite and say you’d love to bring a side dish. Make sure your side dish is a healthy option. Go for vegetables, breadless-stuffing, or even better, a healthier dessert. Odds are there are a few “healthier” dishes you can find for your meal but when it comes to dessert, you’re a goner! In advance, you’re welcome for the Paleo Pumpkin Pie recipe I provided at the bottom 🙂

4.) Serve yourself.
The host, your grandma, your spouse, etc. might try serving your plate that day because you work too hard and they just want you to relax. Well, insist on serving yourself! If you’re really feeling the holiday cheer that day then offer to serve them too! This allows you to control your portions and not load your plate with too much food that you’ll force yourself to eat…”there’s starving kids in Africa so I NEED to finish this pie.” Don’t be that person.

5.) Make smart decisions.
When it comes to selecting foods, be smart. Go for the white meat instead of dark meat, serve yourself the salad that no one is touching, pick the oven roasted potatoes instead of the mashed potatoes that are loaded with butter, choose more vegetables than protein, and try to skip the gravy.

6.) It’s okay to be normal.
It’s Thanksgiving and I’m not here to tell you how horrible of a person you are if you eat your grandmother’s homemade apple pie. I’m actually telling you the opposite. It’s OKAY to splurge a little. Keep in mind I said “a little.” If you did a good job of choosing a decent looking plate for dinner then go for the dessert. Like I’ve said before, go for the healthier option. If you brought a healthy dessert, then that’s even better!

7.) Don’t sleep right after.
I can see it now. Post-dinner, loosening that belt buckle, laying on the couch, before you know it, you’re out. Yes, turkey contains tryptophan, a natural sedative. However, you had more veggies than turkey so you didn’t over indulge, right? If you ate appropriate portions then you shouldn’t feel lethargic. What happened to throwing the old pigskin around after dinner? Get your family together and do something fun after. Pick a game like charades or something that keeps you all moving. Give your body some time to digest the food before you fall asleep.

8.) Don’t forget to WOD
The holidays seem like a perfect excuse to ignore your old gym routine. No matter how hard it is to get to the gym, get there! Remember, it’s always harder to get back into a routine than to keep one. Even if you can’t make it in, do something at home. There are home-workouts posted at the gym each week. Copy them down on your way out so you can use them for days like these!

I know eating healthy is easier said than done, but if you can implement at least a few of these rules it’ll help you get through the holidays without having to trade in your jeans for stretchy pants. We aren’t aiming for a strict, whole30 style Thanksgiving, instead, just a healthier Thanksgiving than you’re used to. Trust me, you’ll feel better when you get back to the gym the following Monday!

Here are a few recipes you can use as alternatives to some of your Thanksgiving favorites:


Photo Credit:

1lb ground sausage
5 pieces of thick-cut bacon (diced)
2 tbsp. grass-fed butter
2 garlic cloves (sliced)
1c sweet potato (diced)
1c yellow onion (diced)
½ mushrooms
5 stalks of celery (diced)
2 granny smith apples (diced)
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
1 cup dried cranberries
½ c walnuts (chopped)
½ c pecans (chopped)
2 eggs, beaten
½ c chicken broth


1. Preheat the oven to 375°. Bake sweet potatoes for 15-20 minutes until tender and slightly brown. Set aside and let potatoes cool.
2. In large pan, cook bacon and drain grease when bacon is halfway cooked.
3. Melt butter in a pan and add onions and garlic.
4. Add celery, apples, and mushrooms and cook for about 4-5 minutes until onions become translucent.
5. Add sausage and cook until medium-well.
6. Drain extra grease, place in bowl and set aside.
7. In a small bowl, beat eggs. Add eggs to chicken broth.
8. Combine sweet potatoes, nuts and berries, and sausage mix and pour eggs and chicken broth over. Mix until combined but do not over mix.
9. Place in a baking dish and bake for 15-18 min.

Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Photo Credit:



Pie Crust:
1¼ cups blanched almond flour
⅓ cup + 2 Tablespoons tapioca flour / starch
¾ teaspoon finely ground sea salt
¼ cup palm shortening
1 large egg

1 (15 ounce) canned pumpkin puree
3 eggs
½ cup coconut milk
½ cup honey
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
⅛ teaspoon sea salt


For crust:

1. Place flour and salt in food processor and pulse briefly.
2. Add coconut oil and egg and pulse until mixture forms a ball.
3. Press dough into a 9-inch pie dish.
4. Bake at 350° for 8-12 minutes.
5. Set aside and let cool for 5-10 min.

For filling:

1. Combine pumpkin puree, and eggs in a food processor.
2. Add in coconut milk, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt
3. Pour filling into crust.
4. Bake at 350° for 45 minutes
5. Allow to cool then refrigerate for 2 hours.

Apr 16 2014

Training for Sport vs. Training for Bodybuilding

By: Coach Jonathan Ortiz

Why do you train? Do you train for athleticism and performance or do you train because you want your nickname to be “Tyrannosaurus Flex”?

If you have ever attended a bodybuilding competition, you know that the winner of the contest has the best physique for their category. The size, definition, and shape of the muscles on the individual are the winning factors. If you’ve ever gone to a power lifting meet, you know that it’s not how the person looks, but how much weight they lift.

Bodybuilding (hypertrophy) and athletic training regimens are very different from one another and need to be thoroughly understood.

See, a bodybuilder goes into the gym focused on only one thing, stimulation of a certain muscle that is being targeted in their lifts, which will thus increase the size and shape of said muscle. In comparison, an Olympic lifter, power lifter, football player, or any athlete’s load during lifts is almost always heavy and fast to not only increase workload capacity, but also the speed at which it is performed.

A bodybuilder’s focus and goal are exclusively on the size of the muscles and not power, which is a combination of speed and strength. On the other hand, an athlete’s power output is critical to their performance.

When looking at the differences in how bodybuilders and athletes lift, you can tell that athletes are primarily focused on how much weight they can lift, all while lifting that weight as fast as possible. As a bodybuilder, the lift would be more controlled with additional focus on the eccentric phase of the movement. Time under tension is a bodybuilder’s best friend when lifting, whereas an athlete is solely focused on the arousal of the central nervous system.

Aside from professional bodybuilders and athletes, I think everyone has a little bit of both in their training. But people will usually tend to lean to one side of the spectrum.

Apr 11 2014

Integrity in WODing

By: Junior Coach Tomas Frias

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  This of course  can and should be applied to everything we do in life including  our daily WOD. Most of us have come across a situation in which maybe you were competing with a friend and both of you started  a movement or station during the middle of a WOD at the exact time but somehow the other person finished before you even though you both were going rep for rep. For a competitive person like myself this could get under my skin,  concerns of did he lose count, did something begin to hurt, did he just choose to stop, or was winning simply too irresistible as to shave reps or disregard range of motion and cheat.

At the end of the day, if you’re the one WODing with intregrity, its important to not let another person’s choices affect you. While we never know what may be going on with someone’s body, what we do know is if they were intentionally doing less than the required work, at the end of the day it will only hurt them, not you.

What about when I lose count by accident?

At some point or another, we’ve all lost count on a workout. These unintentional slip ups when we’re trying our hardest on a workout are OK – as long as its not a regular event. In my experience with CrossFit, I have come to find out some WODs have some very elaborate rep schemes and often ridiculous amount of rounds where losing count is inevitable.  For this reason before going into a WOD like Cindy (20 min AMRAP: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats) it helps to keep some counting beads by my side just to ensure that I don’t have to ask myself if I was on round 13 or 14. Often, when we do lost count in a WOD, its tempting to assume we left off at the higher number, its important however, to avoid the temptation, accept your mistake and choose the lower number- not only will  you save face when going up to the board  and writing your score, but you will surely PR the next time the WOD ever comes up.

What if part of the WOD aggravates an old injury?

Again this would be an exception to when changing a rep scheme isn’t a problem. While in the midst of a WOD we often experience tweakyness that  is sometimes beyond our control, for example a little shoulder aggravation while doing pushups. Its always important to keep in mind that we workout to increase the quality and longevity of our lives, so if ever you are in the position where a WOD is hurting you should never feel like you have to push through. Stop, let the coach know and ask for a replacement movement that you can do until your body heals. Sometimes, scaling in the short run is the best thing you can do for your body in the long run.

Intentional Rep Shaving

At the end of the day, the coaches aren’t going to count your every movement  and you are ultimately responsible for putting in  the work that it takes to get to your goal. CrossFit in itself has a competitive nature, but winning doesn’t mean anything if comes at the cost of cheating yourself, because at the end of day you’ll still be losing. The hour we spend  at the box should be filled with quality hard work. That is the only way that you will ever reach your own personal full potential- which is the point of CrossFit. The point isn’t to finish before others its to finish faster than you thought you could- no matter what level you’re at. Full range of motion throughout all movements will take longer of course but the reward is greater then simply calling time early. When someone shaves reps off the WOD knowingly,coaches notice and their peers notice. People interested in the competitive aspect of CrossFit should perform every WOD as if there is a judge next to them validating range of motion and total reps, if not, the next time the level test or a competition comes up, the gaps in their training will be obvious. At the end of the day, integrity in WODing isn’t difficult once your ego is put aside, because then and only then can you make room for all the PRs, gains, and goals accomplished  that will surely come your way.