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Thursday 9/12/18

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Coach’s choice

In 20min Find Heavy 6 Sumo Deadlift
NO TnG – Clean pick every one

15min AMRAP
30 KB Swings (44/25)(55/35)(55/25)
30/20 Pushups
20 Back Rack Step Ups (10ea @ 12″”/8″”) (65/45/)(75/55)(95/65)”

Mental Game:

Stay solid on the pushups scale with box or on rig.

Step ups. Focus on making this a posterior based movement. I dont want a high box so we can focus on pulling rather than pushing. Box height should be so that the knee is below the hip crease. Stand 1.5 – 2 feet from box. Grab box with toes and think about pulling. Start with back knee just slightly bent and under the hip. Pull knee through to a high knee. Reach back with same foot and do consecutive reps until changing feet. Keep torso upright this helps focus on hammies and glutes rather than quads.