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Monday 9/16/18

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This week we will start a new strength cycle. This cycle will last for 12 weeks. The goal of this strength cycle is to establish a solid level of strength and at the same time allow for some fixes both neurologically and physiologically.

Our main objectives of this program are:

1. Get Jacked! – these sets of 5 live in both the worlds of CNS efficiency (raw strength) and hypertrophy (building cross sectional size of muscle). Girls- please don’t worry about this. building some muscle will give you a more “toned” look. Not huge! Lol.
2. Be Bulletproof! – (movement) Posture and position will take priority in these reps.
3. Get Fixed! – Fix our weak points in our movement. If we have some issues in glutes, ankles, knees, upper back, or trunk – we will force the fixing of these movements by learning how to position to get these limiting factors out of our movement and challenging those positions with increasing load.
4. Get Mobile! – This piggy backs on to the above. By putting ourselves in to the “perfect” position then challenging ourselves under load, it will be a load forced stretch. Even better than 10min of stretching. Yep, pretty much!

One more thing! We will be using the Train Heroic App to deliver the WODs straight to your phone so you can track your progress, track your records, watch videos on most movements, comment on workouts, and see where an online leaderboard for some motivation.

Download the train heroic app. The icon looks like this.

Open the app and click ‘I have a code’
East location type: Crossfit915
West location type: Crossfit915west

Create a profile.

You will be able to see the WODs for the entire upcoming week. 🙂 Your coach will be able to help you enter the workouts if needed in class.

Hope you enjoy!

We will still be posting the workouts on a weekly basis if you are not using the app and for visitors but it will much better shown in the app. So here it is.  Click for bigger picture