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3 Reasons to Bench in CrossFit?

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Every so often I get this question…. Why implement movements like bench press into our programming when they are not “CrossFit”??

Well here is 3:

1) You can’t argue with the triad of strength. Deadlift, squat, bench. These are the “biggest bang for your buck” in strength gains. The movements produce the most muscle contractions. The bench is focuses on producing the most upper body contractions while the deadlift and squat concentrate more on trunk and lower body. All that strength in chest, delts, and triceps transfers into everything else we do. (pressed, ring dips, pushups, ALL Overhead work)

2) Building CNS efficiency. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) is responsible for firing the muscle fibers. The more muscle fiber we recruit and more muscle tension we create the more the communication and greater stimulation correlating to strength gains. Basically, the more we train in this heavy realm, the better you get and recruiting muscleHarder to do with “smaller” movements. Along with plyo & oly , these heavy movements are king in building CNS efficiency.

3) Testosterone release – Testosterone is king in muscle building. Although not drastic, lifting heavy increases testosterone release.

Note: Shoulder width grip- You can try changing to shoulder width. This puts less stress on shoulders, which we all can appreciate and will transfer a bit better to overhead movements.

Hope you’re enjoying the benching in the programming.

– Coach Marc