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The Benefits of Black Coffee

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By: Retired Coach “Big D” David Peregrino

Once again, a gaggle of laboratory mice have delivered wonderful news.

It seems that we now have some evidence that the caffeine in black coffee not only gives you the kick in the butt you need to get going in the morning, but it also may help reduce the risk of diabetes!

In a study recently published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Japanese researchers put some diabetes-prone mice on the same diet, except one group drank black coffee, and the other plain water. After five weeks of this regimen, the scientists took a look at the mice and found that the black coffee drinkers had beaten back hyperglycemia–high blood sugar–though improved insulin sensitivity (the ability of insulin to shuttle glucose out of the blood).

Not only that, but the coffee-drinking mice also ended up with less abdominal fat!

Maybe now you can say, “I’ll have the venti Pikes Place Roast, black, please–and throw in a set of ripped abs.”

When I transitioned to the Paleolithic diet, one thing that I thought would be difficult to give up was cream in my morning coffee. But I quickly learned to enjoy the taste of black coffee. Fresh-brewed, quality stuff is usually outstanding. I can’t say the same about the 7-11 variety that has been sitting in the pot for an unknown number of hours.

If you’ve been holding out on drinking black coffee because you are worried about the taste, I say give it a try. Not only may you be pleasantly surprised, but you may keep your body from storing excess glucose as body fat. Your cream-swilling friends may think it’s gross, but somewhere in Japan, there is a group of mice with six-packs that will back you up!

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